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Posted on 10/12/2011
Dear Gene, I have an idea for a new KISS merchandise product I think would be a BIG seller for you. How about The KISS Car!! Yes, imagine a black colored automobile with your faces painted on each door and/or your face on the driver's side with flames shooting out your mouth liek you used to do back in the day with the flames going from the front to the rear side like an old 50's hot rod with fire paint design. I was thinking maybe the newer Chevy Camaro model design might be best to build the car. Since KISS has always supported American troops, why not have an American car company build it for you. Interior could have KISS radio station, KISS DVD player in the rear seat for the kids playing old KISS videos ( KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park, and KISS comic books made for DVD, etc.). If this would cost way too much for Research and Development, then I'll settle for KISS Car Decals. Instead of tinting the car windows, slap on some KISS decals that are see through of course. What you think??
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