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KISS jumpin'jammers

Posted on 10/12/2011
Hey hello KISS world, Yesterday I was luckaly just 5 minutes at home for a workbreak when Fedex brought me my KISS jumpin' jammer - I have the Dr.Love version. It's really very cool stuff, it's warm, it fits good, looks very VERY cool and I am the first one of my friends .... I recomment everybody to buy one, you will love it .... I am a happy, no very happy KISS fan for 33 years now, love to see you soon again - I heard something about next year (europe) but I will see Eric @ the KISS expo in Enschede Holland on Nov.27 2011 with KISS tribute band #1 from Holland, Europe KISS on the Rocks .... and I shall where my Gene kostume. Rock on to all of you ! greets Hans J. Kok, Zoetermeer, Holland, Europe ....
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