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Posted on 10/18/2011
I'm not sure who is going to read this...but I would love if you could forward this letter to Gene. Thank you so much to the entire band for doing the kruise for us die hard fans! My husband and I have been huge KISS fans since 1973...we were there in the beginning. I'm 57 years old now (see attached pic)...and i LOVE KISS just as much as i ever have! And we just love that KISS performed all the earlier KISS songs...not that we don't love them all...but...those earlier songs...we never thought we would ever ever hear them live...never in a million years! i'm so happy i could cry! And lastly, I want to tell Gene that I met him 30 some years ago in Cleveland after one of their shows...i was in my early 20s at the time and just wanted to meet Gene and tell him how much i "loved" him! well, although he certainly could have tried, Gene never laid a hand on me!! When I told him that's not why i was there, he completely respected my wishes...and we just talked! To this day, i'll always remember that Gene was and still is a REAL GENTLEMAN...and i'll always love him for that!!
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