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My Photograph wa seen on GS Royal Rock Wedding Episode!

Posted on 10/19/2011
Dear KISS ONLINE, There comes a time when a fan finds a want to create and give a gift to their favourite band for no more of a reason than to have hopes that the gift is enjoyed by the band. Sadly, no one really knows what happens to the gift after you give them, but this time, I knew! Here is what happened. Back in July 26, 2011, I had KISS meet and greet tickets at Casino Rama, Ontario and decided to both give a gift and to have the band sign a copy for me to keep. But what to give? I thought the best gift would be a photo I took from the front row at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto KISS show back in 2010 of Gene making funny faces It was difficult to choose just one photo as they were all quite unique. The best resolve was to create a five pose collage, of sorts, of Gene and then print off two 8 x 10 photos, putting one in a nice black frame (making sure to put my name and address on the back). I called the photo, and very original it was, my "Multi-Gene" photo. July 26, 2011 Casino Rama KISS meet and greet I was nervous and ecstatic as I waited to present my photo gift to Gene. When it was time for the band to do the rounds and meet with the fans, I presented my gift and asked if he would like to have a copy to keep. Gene stopped, looked at it and then said, "Yes, please." I asked him to sign a copy for me, of which he gladly did then posed for a photo with me. At this point I was glowing with excitement that I actually presented and Gene accepted my gift. Time passed and it was now Oct. 18, 2011. On Gene Simmons Family Jewels, ( Royal Rock Wedding episode), my heart jumped. Not so much for the show, although it was entertaining, but rather what I saw on Gene Simmons desk between Tracy and Gene. It was my gift to Gene! Shown during the show not only once, but several times (and in different positions near his desk and then by the KISS bowling ball), it was the exact same frame with my photography in it. Please see attached screen captures of Gene at his desk with my photo and frame gift in front of him and also at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It is one thing to have Gene accept a gift from me, but so incredibly heart-warming to know that it was appreciated so much that he kept it and even displayed it. If you read this Gene - Thank you for the unspoken compliment. Cheers, Mike S. Fowler
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