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KISS Kruise

Posted on 10/23/2011
Where can I start....I dont even know where to start. I guess I'll start by introducing myself. Hi, Im James, I am 17 years old, I am from Sydney Australia. On October the 12th I boarded a plane and about 20 sleepless hours later I ended up in Miami along with my mother and sister who are not even KISS fans. The night prior to the Kruise, we met at the hotel with a group of people who had all met through a facebook group named "KISS Kruisers". These people include some of the most awesome KISS fans you will ever meet. The next day we all took a shuttle to the port together and boarded the ship. Being only 17 years old, I only became a hardcore KISS fan when I was about 14-15 years old, which happens to be literally weeks after when KISS last came down here to Australia. The KISS Kruise was my first time seeing kiss, ever. My first ever KISS concert was the Sail Away Show on the Kruise. And I was in awe. After traveling thousands of miles, i am on a boat in a different country, standing feet away from the people who have influenced my life so much. It was awesome. The next day or so was filled with awesome sights and meeting people my age, who live half way across the globe from me, that i never would have met before if it wasnt for this Kruise. I won the chance to see KISS in both indoor shows, and it once again was awesome. The first show i was standing right up the back on the floor, but needless to say, i was once again in awe. The last show i was in the first row on the balcony on Genes side. I had a clear view, and I was so close. This is where it hits home for me. I am just standing in front of my balcony seat singing and nodding my head to the music. When Gene looks over towards me. Naturally i jumped screamed and pointed at him. And in response, Gene looked me dead in the eyes, kind of grinned, and pointed right back at me. Right then and there, I almost burst into tears. It might not seem like something big to most fans, but for me, traveling this far, being this close to them, and having that kind of interaction with one of the men who pioneered the band that shaped my life, that made not only my day, but that made my year. I will always remember that night. Why? Because it was the best night of my life. I know that is a big claim to make at 17 years of age, but nothing will ever come close to the way i felt that night. I cant help but cry tears of joy when I think about this experience. I skipped my HSC (Major high school exams in Australia) to attend the first ever KISS Kruise. And im glad I made the decision to come. Thank you so much to everyone, Paul, Gene, Eric, Tommy, The whole KISS Crew, KISSONLINE, Everyone at Sixthman, Everyone at Carnival, And my new international friends, the KISS Kruisers! Big thanks to Adri Becerra and her awesome son, Becca and Jay Jadofsky , Matt, Shawn, Steve, Lisa and Pasquale Vari, Jamie Ross and Andy Moyen, all from the KISS Kruisers page, and all now friends i would have never had. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you for this. Words cant express how I feel. You have given a 17 year old from australia, an experience he will never forget. Im back now, and already saving for the next one. I wouldnt miss it for anything. Thank you, Love you all KISS Army/KISS Navy!! (in the picture i am the one with Tommy)
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