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KISS-fan for life

Posted on 10/26/2011
For as long as I can remember I've been a hughe Kiss fan. I come from Sweden, and I've had the opportunity to see Kiss many times. It's all been good - from the reunion days to last years Sonic Boom. And I'm looking forward to see you on the upcoming Monster tour. My greatest memory was back in 2003 when I traveled all the way to Melbourne, Australia to see the Kiss Symphony. Check ot the picture of me in front of the Telstradome! It still blows me away everytime I see the DVD to relive those great memories! My own band recently did a music video - and being hughe Kissfans we wanted to show that passion in one way or the other. So we decided to use our Paul Stanley Washburn guitars. I've always felt related to Paul as a performer, and he is my main source for inspiration in life! Check it out, right here: Best regards/Kid
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