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My tribute to the band that saved my live

Posted on 10/26/2011
Hi, my name is Filip, frontman with Swedish rock-group THE GLORIA STORY. I noticed someone sent you an email with our new music video. And I thought I might drop you a few lines telling you the story of my strong connection to Kiss. As a child I was very sick from time to time. It made me physically weak, and not very confident or strong. One day in my early teens I stumbled upon a Kiss-album and from that day my life changed. I became an instant fan. Kiss showed me a world where life was supposed to be fun, happy and cheerful. The message was clear - enjoy life in every aspekt you can! 20 years later I am all well and stronger than ever. And I'm also a musician. So when it came time for my band to do a musicvideo I wanted to pay tribute to my heroes in Kiss that really saved my life! That black star on my shoulder is made in honour of Paul Stanley. And offcourse both me and my buddy Carl use our Paul Stanley signature guitars. Why? Cause we love Kiss, and I propably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them! Check out the video on YOUTUBE - right here: Best regards/ Filip
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