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My KISS-Cake

Posted on 10/27/2011
Hi friends!!! I´m a chilean KISS fan since I was 7 years old and the last saturday was my 29th Birthday. So I celebrated with a great party full of friends, girls, rock`n roll and off course... KISS!!! Was a big time listen lot of rock`n roll, we are all fans of KISS in my family and that`s awesome!!! Was a fantastic day to me, but the surprise I didn´t know occurred when the lights went down and a big cake appeared in front of Me!!! It was the KISS-Cake that was prepared by Mom. I can´t explain how tasty was, but I can show you the simple, but significant, KISS logo on it. Thank you for let me share my happiness and devotion for KISS!!! And thank you to mom to make this KISS-Cake to me!!! Greetings from Loncoche, Chile.
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