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A family tradition

Posted on 10/28/2011
I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for rocking on for all these years. I am 32 years old and it has been a family tradition of my family that each one of us have been to a KISS show at least once. My mom started it with my brother. He was a fan from the begining and was until the day he pasted away 12 years ago. My mother took him to see you guys many times. He knew every word to every song. And for many years he dressed up as each of you for Halloween. Then when The Revenge Tour came to Tampa, Florida it was my turn. This was my first time going to a KISS show. When my son was born in 1999. He has grown up listening to you guys, and knows all the words. He loves you all. I am hoping to be able to carry on the family tradition and take him to his first KISS show. And congrats to Gene.... you made the best choice and married your best friend that you will ever have. Keep on ROCKING.... looking forward to many more years to come.
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