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KISS Kruise

Posted on 10/28/2011
Dear Kissonline, I had to share the amazing time we had on the Kiss Kruise with all of the Kiss Army and now Navy. Just to let you know we were going to go on a disney vacation, but our 3 and a half year old son, brought us to kissonline one night and we decided to book the Kruise. I have been a Kiss fan my entire life, even growing up in the Bronx and visiting Ace Frehleys Mothers house. The real story here however is the amazing time our son Aidan had. Not only did we and he, meet the most amazing people on the Kruise, but Aidan aka Lil Gene Simmons, won a costume party dressed as "Demon" Simmons, as he would say. Aidan rocked out the entire Kruise probably taking more photos with people than Kiss. What an amazing time and what great fans! We will treasure this Kruise forever. We wanted to shout out to a few friends we made on the Kruise, notably Jill and Thea, Amy and Grace and all of the fans that treated us like rock stars. Id also like to send a special thanks to Bear from Sixthman who is now a good friend! Until next year Kiss Navy! Rock and Roll All Night and Party Every Day! Love Chris, Colleen and Iron Aidan, aka Lil Gene Simmons Da Bronx, NY
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