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Posted on 10/31/2011
I always wanted 1 year for Halloween was the family (or my friends or whoever had the balls) to dress up as KISS. After going the the NY/NJ KISS expo this past year and looking in the catalog I came across baby costumes. I couldn't pass this up, since May I had it in my mind that myself, my brother and my 2 nephews would dress up as KISS. As the year went on KISS and Spirit Halloween stores partnered up. I was so excited about the news I couldn't wait to order the KISS costumes (Catman, Starchild and Demon. The Spaceman I made it by hand). The day I got the costumes in the mail I couldn't wait to try it on. From that day I couldn't wait for October 31st. Now the pay finally came, and what fun I had with my family. This was a day that I'll never forget. KISS has been in my life for 23 years (I am 26) and I love passing it to the next generation of my family. KISS will never die!!!!!!
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