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Throwdown Jones as KISS

Posted on 11/01/2011
Dear KISS, My name is Josh and I wanted to share a very special story with you that is very important, near, and dear to my heart. Early 2010 I had the great chance of seeing a band play by the name of Throwdown Jones. This band had high energy, a kicking sound, and an amazing presence; by definition the overall "IT" factor. I befriended some of the members when they came to an open mic night, that I happened to be performing at, for some down time. Their lead singer Robb Pricthard gave some astounding praise as well as some amazing advice on how to better my stage presence and overall performance! Little did I know, that would only be the beginning. Time went by and I began to hear more about this rock & roll group! How they were tearing it out all over the Carolinas, how shows kept getting bigger, and finally how they plowed through the competition to the number three spot for the chance to open for THE hottest show on earth! Yes KISS! I thought to myself "who are these guys"? At that time I had never even fully listened to a KISS album once, but I knew full and well this was a BIG deal! By this time I had become very good friends with their drummer Waylon and he called me in February of this year asking if I would like to come see another show by special invitation; so naturally I accepted! Well, instead of watching a show I ended up being put to work because the crown had become so wound up that security was just not enough. I have been working with the boys ever since! Now you should know that life has not dealt me very many good hands and "family" was a word I virtually knew nothing about. Since all of this has happened I have gained more brothers than I've know what to do with, a loving family, and a father who is not only a KISS maniac, but also a great admirer of the God of Thunder (Scott Rock in this pic as the Daemon himself). To date he has taken it upon himself to educate me in all things KISS. Which now has a very special place in my heart because it has given me something that I have never had in my life; a dad; one that I look up to very much! This year will mark the third annual Halloween bash this band has thrown. They all wanted to do something this world and their fans would never expect. So the decision was made to put on the entire show as none other than KISS! My dad decided that this would be the perfect moment to place me in my very own "Trial by Fire"! As you can see I had the great honor of not only taking part in performing with this band of misfit boys on stage, in what would be called the biggest show of 2011 in the Carolinas, but also to dawn the guise the late and great Fox Eric Carr (may he rest in peace). Yes that would be me, pre show, under my dad's daemon arm! It is a night and experience that, for the rest of my life, I will never forget and it is in huge part, if not all, thanks to you. Your music and who you are has given this family something very special and has brought us closer together. From the bottom of my heart I thank you! Yours truly and love always, Joshua Rock P.s. We did in fact Rock ALL Night :]!
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