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You guys are awesome

Posted on 11/01/2011
First off, I just want to say that you guys are awesome. You're my favorite band. Your songs are amazing and your live shows are phenomenal. I just wish that I was alive in the 70s so I could've seen you in the Spirit of 76 tour. Destroyer is my favorite album. (which says something because from all of your work, picking favorites is very hard). Gene, you're a very talented bassist and you sing my favorite song, God of Thunder. The blood spitting and acrobatics never get old. Congrats on the wedding. I wish you and Shannon the best of luck. Paul, you are the best front-man of any band, period. You are also a very talented musician. I heard about your recent throat surgery and will continue to pray for a successful and swift recovery. Tommy, you and Paul are the main reasons that I play guitar. I've learned a number of KISS songs and am getting better every day. Eric, you are a very talented drummer. You are one of the luckiest people in the world to get to drum with artists like KISS, Alice Cooper, and Black Sabbath. My cousin, who is a pretty good drummer himself, could learn a thing or two from you. haha. I really hope that I can come and see you guys one day. I'm really psyched for Monster and the Monster tour. If you ever get the chance, please come to First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown PA. It's the closest big concert stage from where I live. I went to see Def Leppard and Heart there last summer with my mom and sister. We would be honored to have The Hottest Band in the World play for us.
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