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Halloween on KISS Kruise

Posted on 11/03/2011
Hey guys! This goes out to Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric, and also to all the crews of KISS, Sixthman, and Carnival: FABULOUS job on the Kruise! This is me (the short one - even with my 8" heels!!!) with my onboard roommate Jennifer, as 2 versions of the Demon. We had an AWESOME time! KISS, Sixthman, and Carnival did a phenomenal job of organizing the Kruise. I met so many fantastic KISS Navy members! I will DEFINITELY be there next year, and I already know of at least 4 other people who are sorry they missed this year's inaugural event and who have said they would love to be part of the Kruise next year as well. Thank you SO much for the acoustic show - I doubt I'll ever have a chance to see a KISS sound check, but I think this might have been close to what that would be like (well, actually, this was better than any sound check I can imagine!). I never imagined I'd see you unmasked, and acoustic - I thought that was over after the Konventions of the 90's. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea! And the Q & A was such a nice thing for the fans. I'm so honored that I was chosen to ask a question - thank you again for that! May I also give you a HUGE thanks for inviting Bad City? I love their music and never thought I'd have the chance to see them, let alone meet them and even hang out with them. They are incredibly talented, and are the nicest people imaginable. I know I'm probably nearly twice their age but they didn't hesitate to chat with me any time I saw them. I love them even more now! Barring any catastrophe (God forbid), I would love to see them on the Kruise again next year. All of the other entertainment was great, of course, but the acoustic sail away show and the Bad City shows stick in my mind as highlights of the Kruise. Thanks again for an incredible experience, and I can't wait for Kruise 2012!!! Yours, Lisa
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