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The newest member of the KISS Army

Posted on 11/03/2011
Hi Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric: I got back from the Kruise and went to visit my family in Orlando for the first time in over a year. I walked into the house in a KISS t-shirt, and my nearly 6 year old nephew Peter immediately pointed to the shirt and said "This is KISS!" and promptly hit the classic Demon pose ... I just had to get a pic for you all to see! I have promised to take him to a KISS show on your next tour - PLEASE schedule a venue within driving distance of Orlando; you wouldn't want to disappoint Peter! He is already incredibly excited, and wants me to paint his face (as Gene, of course). I would love to bring him with me to a Meet and Greet and I know he would be absolutely thrilled to see all of you in real life. Thank you for all the great shows you have done, and I hope many more are in your future! Your fans, Lisa and Peter
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