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Found my soulmate, Thanks to KISS

Posted on 11/05/2011
I met my girlfriend, Malena, in 2009 on KISSonline, we were sending messages more and more, and eventually led to Facebook. Things started getting serious in 2011, we met for the first time in March, and our very first date was the KISS show @ the Houston Rodeo, I even gave her a Black Diamond ring that night. I knew I had found my soulmate, even if she is in WV and Im in Texas. Since then we have gotten matching "forever" tattoos. Our latest venture was the KISS Kruise, it was a dream come true !! I just wanted to thank KISS and KISSonline for helping me find my true love!!... also thanks to all the Kruisers for the well wishes!! See you in 2012 !!----Johnny
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