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♥Happy birthday my love (Tommy Thayer)♥

Posted on 11/07/2011
Happy birthday my love! ♥_♥ It's more than an idol for me Tommy, you taught me to never give up my dreams even impossible, to always have affection and respect by people that they are incomprehensible, however sometimes I have my sad days not know you personally I appreciate every minute every second you have appeared in my life. I LOVE YOU thank you for being who you are and never forget that in Brazil (Porto Alegre RS) has a crazy who loves you I wish you peace and much love Rock'n'Roll health, that person is always beautiful, wonderful, kind, cheerful and loving. is the affection and congratulations of your crazy fan iper mega THAYERmaniaca Kanandra Bethory...' P.S: (Photo)My Birthday Cake for you heart shaped And Doll of Tommy thayer I bought a few weeks Ago!
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