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20 Album Drumming Medley, A KISS Tribute/Thanks from Avery.

Posted on 11/09/2011
Dear KISS, A few weeks ago, you were very kind to post Avery's Talent Show Drumming to Black Diamond. Avery was extremely happy and ecstatic! Your fans are the greatest, most encouraging in the world! So, to say THANK YOU, here's our little 5 year old drummer doing a specially made KISS Tribute Video (in makeup) featuring Avery's song picks from each of the twenty studio albums and played in order of their release. But as KISS would do, Rock'n Roll All Nite was saved for last. He just wished “Monster” was already out to be included. He can't wait! A funny story, on recording day, Avery seemed very tired, not really into it and had some problems transitioning from each song clip, but when that makeup went on, it was like a super hero costume for him. We can only assume it's the POWER of KISS. Enjoy, Thanks!!! Mom, Dad and Avery YouTube Links or
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