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Ace Frehley "No Regrets"

Posted on 11/10/2011
I just finished reading "No Regrets" by Ace Frehley and I have to say, Gene and Paul saved this mans life in 1995 when it was decided to reunite. For the longest time I have resisted the newer Kiss of Tommy Thayer in Ace's make-up and Eric Singer in Peter's make-up. Well, no more. Ace in his book offers no apologies to the many, many people he has hurt over the years. The man is a self-deluded drug-addict who is damn lucky he didn't kill anyone. Gene and Paul, you have my highest respect for putting up with his man who was the menace of Westchester. Frehley still thinks it was funny to crash cars, get doped up, and use people for money. He still, after all these years, thinks it was acceptable to use fame (not fortune because by 1993 the man was broke) to get him out of trouble. So many times this Frehley would say, "Hey, I was in Kiss" to get him out of trouble he'd well-earned. I'm ashamed and disillusioned that this man was once my "hero". What a let down. I have a much better understanding and sympathy for Gene's comments in his books regarding Frehley than I used to. Ace's book simply should have been called "No Insight". What a poor excuse for a man and a human being.
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