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my mom

Posted on 11/17/2011
Dear Kiss,my name is joe i am 43 yrs old living in New York(Long Island to be exact)i have been a Kiss fan since i was a little boy.My mom passed away october 22(nearly a month ago) suddenly of a heart attack at the young age of 63.the reason of this letter is to tell you guys that not only was my mom my best friend and great person...she was also a Kiss fan.For almost all of my life the 2 things that i could always count on was my mom and a Kiss concert.Both of these things came together when you guys came to Jones Beach here on Long Island.My mom and i went to the show and what a show it was!!We also had the opportunity to meet Gene's daughter Sophie,who gladly signed my mom's ticket stub.well,that ticket stub went with my mom to heaven as i buried her with it.i will miss my mom horribly and i am devestated by her passing but i just want to let you guys know how much you meant to me and her over the years.Unfortunately we all will have to go through this at one time or another.As i am telling all my friends i will tell you guys the same:please call your mom's and tell her that you love her or give her a hug....something i wish i coulod do just one more time. Thanks for all the great times and memories you have given both of us! -Joe Artin Long Island ny.
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