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ERIC CARR tribute

Posted on 11/21/2011
Dear Friends, I have the honor to anounce that France will pay tribute to Eric Carr on Tuesday, november 22, from 20 to 22 pm on (this link for airplay). Coincidence or not, it will be in KISSIN' TIME broadcast, issue #91, this year that Eric has passed away... So, we will try to remember his career by his music (especially the "Unfinished business" CD), and we will discuss with a friend of mine (Laurent Verne) from the KISS JOURNAL fanzine who had the chance to meet him several times in France. A podcast will be available on my blog at this link : The KISS ARMY FRANCE will never forget Eric... We have always loved him. Best regards, Laurent LAHIERLE Host of the KISSIN' TIME radio show
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