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Posted on 11/23/2011
Dear Paul, Gene, Eric, Tommy and of course Doc, My name is Jenn Rossi and my boyfriend (Mike Simmons) and I were on the KISS Kruise. You guys were absolutely amazing. All the entertainment was fantastic, but you guys are out of this world. It is quite a story of how we came to get onto the Kruise. The past year has been a very stressful year for us, Mike had started up his own company, and everybody knows what that does to the pocket book for a little while. And finances have been very tight. But we both love KISS and thought to hell with it, we deserve to have a little fun after all of this and it will probably only happen once, so we are doing it. A lot of people were not in agreeance with this decision. But that is life, you canít make everybody happy. So you make yourself happy. We live in Ontario, Canada. We drove down to Miami. We left our house on the 11th of October and began our journey to spend 4 days with greatest band alive. It took us about 27 hours to make the trip. Stopping once to sleep for an hour and half. When we arrived in Miami (approx. 11:00pm on October 12th) the hotel we had booked looked nothing like it did on line. They gave away our parking spot, when they had assured me on the phone that we could park our truck while we were away. And to make matters worse, when my boyfriend Mike went to park the truck for a moment, across from the hotel so we could figure things out, it would not start again. Now Mike has been a mechanic by trade for the past 20 years, but did not have any tools with him. So extremely over tired and frustrated we left the truck to get picked up in the morning by the tow truck, and went to our room. Now without getting into too much detail, I have a stomach disorder similar to Croneís Disease called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. And when an episode hits I end up hospitalized for a week minimum. Well when we arrived at our room, I started having an episode. I was up all night retching uncontrollably and constantly the entire night. (Sorry to get so graphic but not many people can fathom the idea of exactly what happens during an episode) . So needless to say it is time to leave for the ship and I cannot even walk properly. So while we both cried I told Mike to go on without me and I would fly home or go to the hospital, whichever I thought necessary. He did not want to go without me, but I told him that he needed this and I would be alright. I cried for hours after he left, and finally after almost 2 and a half days of no sleep, I fell asleep. (now with my condition that is what needs to happen to recover, I need to sleep so that the spasms in my stomach muscles stop and I can stop retching) I woke up on the fifteenth feeling better, not 100% but better. So I packed up my stuff and flew home to Ontario. I got back to the house at about 4:00pm. When I arrived there was a voicemail left by the Sixthman staff, specifically a lady named Maggie. She was calling to tell me that I could meet the boat in Nassau Bahamas. I was a little upset that I did know this before I left Miami; it would have been much cheaper. I spoke to Mike (he called to see if I got home okay) and told him about the message. He told me to get on the phone and book a ticket right away. I called Sixthman and Maggie helped me out so much. My computer was acting up and I could not get on the internet to find a flight. Maggie started to look for one for me. We decided that I would get off the phone and both of us would look. So I found the last ticket flying out of Toronto to Nassau the next day. I booked and called Maggie, I think she was as happy as I was that I found one. Know donít forget I still am not feeling my greatest, have not eaten anything in days and all these exciting things are happening, so I am shaking like a leaf. For hours. My friend said if I came there that night she would drive me to the airport in the morning. So I got my stuff into the car and went over. I was so excited it was hard to relax. She drove me to the airport and after what seemed like eternity I was in the Bahamas and Mike was there to pick me up. We partied like rock stars for the next two days. I got to meet you guys and that took my breath away. I cried. After everything that went on I still got to see the show I thought I was going to miss, and I got my picture taken with all of you, it was so amazing. I forgot all about the events that lead up to it and the fact that it was going to cost us an extra $1000 on top of the additional flights, to have the truck fixed. None of it mattered once I got the boat. Paul, I am sure you canít remember all the people you met of course, but we were in group 5 Saturady Night and it is the third picture in, we are on the end with you.. I told you I loved you and you hugged me so tight, I was on a high for the next 2 days. I almost forgot about everybody else, then I looked over and remembered the rest of the band was there and then I did not even know what to say. I got to kiss Doc on the cheek and get a picture with him as well. And the people we met from all around the world were amazing. We made some lifelong friends for sure. I did not get to see the sail away show however, and I really wanted to see that. I almost cried when Mike told me that you guys sang Forever. I have been waiting a long time to hear you do that live. It is kind of a special song to me. He still pulls up the Youtube videos and says ďoh yeah, you were not there for that,Ē with a smile. We can laugh about it now. Then it was all over and time to go home. It seemed to go by so fast. So we left the port and got in a cab, that told us the address we had for the shop where the truck was, that there was not a shop located there. The mechanic at the shop when we called said , the cab driver was trying to screw around. So here we are thousands of miles from home and now we donít know how is telling the truth. There was a shop at that address after all and we picked up the truck and started to make our way back home. We did not make it too far however, as Mike got ill. He turned white as a sheet, was shaking and his heart was beating 1000 times per minute. So much so that his entire torso was vibrating with his heart beat. And pain under where his heart is and he got pins and needles all over. I thought he was having a heart attack. Long story short after talking to a fireman, he suggested I drive to the nearest hotel and have him rest and if it got any worse to call the ambulance. Now I drive a G35 Infiniti and the truck is a Ford F350 King Ranch Diesel Dually!!! And I am not a big lady at all so I looked like a 10 year old driving down the highway. I donít know what I was shaking more from, his condition or having to drive this huge truck on the highway!!! We got there, he rested and later ate something and the next day we continued on home. It rained the entire way home pretty hard so it seemed to take forever. We finally arrived home on the 19th in the afternoon. We were exhausted and still flying high, talking about how amazing the Kruise was. And it is funny the people we have told this story to, have all said pretty much the same thing, ďHoly S**T! And even after all that you guys still sound like you had a great time.Ē And we did, even through all the hell we went through before and after IT WAS STILL THE GREATEST TRIP WE HAVE EVER TAKEN!!!! HANDS DOWN! YOU GUYS ROCK, YOU ARE AMAZING AND WE LOVE YOU!!!!! THANKS FOR HELPING US TURN A VERY BAD SITUATION INTO THE PARTY OF A LIFETIME. YOUR LOYAL FANS NOW AND FOREVER, MIKE SIMMONS AND JENN ROSSI
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