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Eric Carr

Posted on 11/24/2011
While we were still dating early on, I decided to present my great girlfriend, Samantha, with a surprise.I did my research, got everything together and in November 2007, we took a trip up to Newburgh, New York. Oh yeah, we were going to visit the master, the Fox himself, Mr. Eric Carr! The trip was long but well worth it, the whole time she knew nothing as far as, why we were driving up here. I just kept telling her, "were going to meet a great person we both love." Boy was she shocked! We arrived in Newburgh, I found Cedar Hill Cemetery right away, then we pulled in. The whole time I was finding everything with ease, as if an unknown power was leading us, making sure our trip was safe and complete. We arrived at the mausoleum and went inside, with me using the old "bathroom trick" as a reason to go in. Again, this was our first time, I knew nothing on his location inside, which hall to go to or anything...but something drew me to him and in minutes we were there. I was standing in the honor of a great man, with my great woman, in silence. We took it all in and talked, maybe for what seemed like, two hours. I left a note with the MANY cards, letters, flowers and other offerings. Unlike other cemetery visits, this one, it just sticks out the most. It was inviting, warm and something else. Just as everyone always described Eric Carr in life. My best wishes to you KISS, as well as Eric Carr and his Family. Today we remember, honor and never forget the most humble and talented man in the music World, Eric Carr of KISS. Still a hard blow dealt to the music World, to this day! We all miss you. RockON! Joe, Samantha and Thomas Penn.
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