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Suicide Prevention

Posted on 12/14/2011
Dear Gene: You are so patriotic and perform for the troops as well as visit with them which I think is great. I was hoping you would also get on the band wagon and become a part of an education program to spread the word about suicide prevention as we are losing too many of our military to suicide. It is estimated that 18 military ( both active duty and non-active duty) commit suicide a day. That is way too many. I was hoping that you could talk about the national program or just put up the logo with the hotline number on it at a concert or on your show. It would mean a lot coming from someone of your stature. This is a national program, with little funding for advertising. Prevention is the Key and therefore the more information we get out to the public that there is help and hope the more lives we may save. I hope you consider my request. Sincerely Fran Ingram LISW-S BCD Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Dayton VAMC
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