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Posted on 12/16/2011
Dear KISS I love your music and have collected almost everything you have published to date. I started with your album "DYNASTY" and has all your official albums. Now when i have passed my 50 year of living i´m still totally hooked on KISS and your music! I look forward to your new album "MONSTER" and i am especially looking forward to your world tour in 2012 where I hope you come to Denmark where I live. In my spare time I paint a lot on my PC and make graphic of all kind. This has resulted in tons of several wallpapers for my PC with KISS as subject. I use some of my artworks as backgrounds on my PC. I love drawing KISS in different poses and with different backgrounds. There is simply so much dynamik and action in your LOOK and your costumes ! KISS ALL OVER THE WORLD! Please enjoy the artwork Best regards Jan Hansen Originally size of my artwork 1920x1080 Preview size is 500 x 381
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