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Ticket Stub of All Ticket Stubs

Posted on 12/27/2011
Guys: I think you will find this very interesting. Enclosed please find a scanned copy of what could be argued is the most important ticket for ANY KISS Concert EVER! This is a ticket stub for the very first concert KISS played Madison Square Garden Friday February 18, 1977. What makes the ticket unlike any other is that it is A 1 1 which has always been considered the most elite seat at the Garden. It was at that time First Row, On the Aisle, Dead Center. What makes this unique is that back than most tickets where actually printed and as you can see this as a serial number of 0001 and I actually asked Ron Delsener about this and he confirmed that they were printed from orchestra to loge and on up Lastly, it is not torn which all tickets were then and yes I sat there and have the broken guitar neck as well. I actually have the same tickets all un-torn for December 14,15,16 1977 as well as the two shows in July 1979 which are all six tickets with the original band members until you reunited in 1996. Paul was kind enough to give me the broker guitar for the first two nights in December but not the third, oh well! Just thought that you would find it interesting. Maybe someday of there is ever a Kiss Museum I will donate them. James J. Holmes
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