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Everybody has a Reason to Live, KISS is my reason

Posted on 12/30/2011
You have probably heard fans say that your music changed their life. But KISS not only changed my life, but saved my life as well. In 2010 I was diagnosed with deepression and was having serious suicidal thoughts. I was then put into a hospital for adolecents who were having the same thoughts. I was sure I would be killing myself soon. While in the hospital, durning a group therapy session a friend I had met their liked KISS...alot and told me to listen to some of your music. So when a visting hour came I told my dad to stick some of your music onto my ipod. He did. Coming out of the hospital, I still was having the same thoughts and had made up my decision to kill myself that night. Before the suicidal ritual was going to occour, I listen to the song, "Heavens on Fire". That song actually made me happy (A feeling I hadn't felt in years) then i played the next song, "Stutter" then, "Sure Know Something" and then other greatest hits. I realized that Know (with your music) could be happy and live a normal undeepressed life. Your music inspired me too make my own band and become a rockstar. This was finally something I could look foward to in life. Know life could finally be fun and exciting...just like your music. - Branden Banks
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