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Another song: I wanna Rock and Roll

Posted on 01/04/2012
HI everyone, I sent one email just a few moments ago that with my own rendition of video and song of Beth. Here is one more I did back in July of last year and when I was looking at it I realized I added a fiery effect to my video (still with the paint on and this time more comments on the face paint job lol) and the background I chose is an electric guitar on fire. I don't remember if I did that on purpose or random haha. Anyways I just love to have fun and sing and dress up and sometimes I even do dance videos! I have met some people though that sing really well and to them music is all business and sometimes I think people have forgotten what it is like to just have plain fun instead of thinking business all the time! Here is the karoake link of my rendition of "Rock and Roll all night with video Enjoy! Teresa Lucas Hilo, Hawaii
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