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10 year old fan

Posted on 01/15/2012
Dear Kiss, I am writing for my little brother Dylan Molton. He is a huge fan and absolutely loves your music. He is 10 years old and has been obsessed with the band since he could talk. We have tried to find some kind of event to bring him to see you live but haven't been successful. We're from a little town called Olive Hill in Kentucky but Dylan still knows how to "rock". He wanted to tell you guys to keep rocking and to also tell you guys that you're awesome. If you ever venture close to the area please give us a shout... It is Dylan's dream to meet you guys! He has a collection of Kiss memorabilia and constantly keeps an eye to keep adding. He wants to grow up and be like Paul Stanley... You want the best.. you got the best the hardest band in the world KISS... Your # 1 fan Dylan Molton :)
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