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Posted on 01/18/2012
dear, i just wanted to let you know, that the feuilleton of the very prestigious „frankfurter allgemeine zeitung“ featured in its' monday, january 16th print-issue a long and great article celebrating paul stanley‘s upcoming 60th birthday! it was in the weekly section „personalities of the week“, along with an article about beatles-director richard lester, among others. the impact of the „faz“ in germany is probably only comparable to the „new york times“ in the u.s.a. the article recalls memories of how kiss highlighted and saved a weak monsters of rock-festival in schweinfurt back in 1987, although performing by the light of day. it focuses mainly on the musical aspects of kiss, calling them „the carnival-beatles“ and stating that the band is a truly strong, solid and flexible unit with great academic skills, summing up: „kiss-songs are fully automatic car-washes for trucks: a lot of foam and white water on only the biggest engines“. paul stanley is being called the „general-musical-director“ of kiss, an engineer and perfectionist who is responsible for the power-cars that are sent onto the road by it‘s company. his majestic crescendo in „god gave rock‘n‘roll to you II“ is called „a songwriter-equivalent to the invention of the airbag“..... well, a lot of metaphors concerning cars, but probably synonymous for the power of kiss‘ music.... nevertheless the article is a great honour to paul and kiss, regarding the fact that the band was hardly featured in this newspaper recently. and it‘s one of the first congratulations on paul‘s big jubilee. and that‘s what i finally also want to do: dear starchild, nothing but the very best on your 60th birthday! keep on rocking, and keep on being the unique, deep and reflecting kind of human being that you are.... your devoted follower for 32 years anton kehrer linz, austria
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