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Paul's 60th birthday

Posted on 01/19/2012
My dear Paul, wow, wow, wow - I really can't believe it...the "man of my life" turns 60 (SIXTY!!)today and he still looks so damned good! Look at my included photo - amazing!!;-) Ladies, trust me - I have been a member of the KISS KRUISE-NAVY 2011 and did see him very close. This man has still this "certain something", he is attractive, he is hot - no matter if he could be your father or even grandpa in the meantime;-) For me, Paul, you are and always will be my rock-god, the "man of my life". I started to adore you back in 1980 and won't stop until I leave planet earth, believe me. This love is forever;-) So my rock-god - I wanna wish you a real more than happy birthday, celebrating with those you love or who are important for you. Most of all I wanna wish you health, because this is the most important thing we need besides love and happiness. You are on my mind - not only at January, 20th:-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pauli! CHEERS! Love ya, **JASMIN**
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