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Paul's present:A new KISS army soldier :)

Posted on 01/20/2012
Hey guys, i'm 15 years old(turning 16 on feb 5th), i'm from Port St Lucie,FL and i'm proud to say i'm a new KISS army soldier. Many people in my age group would probably laugh and ridicule me, but i don't care because you are all amazing and always have been. I highly recommend you go on tour with Black Veil Brides. Not because they're my favorite band, but they idolize you and it would mean the world to them. I know you heard they're cover of Unholy(which is my favorite song from you) and it's amazing isn't it?! I wish i could meet you all, and of course Ace and Peter one day. I hope you will keep on making good music and merch for your fans.If you have the time,please reply but I can understand if you can't because your busy a lot. I hope you guys have a great day.P.s,Happy 60th Birthday Paul Stanely! :)
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