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Our Destiny

Posted on 01/22/2012
We are writing to KOL because we would like to share a very special love story that has KISS and the KISS KRUISE written all over it. KISS has been a gateway to many of our experiences but none as monumentally life altering as meeting each other onboard the “DESTINY” during the inaugural KISS Kruise. Most people say and continue to say that a relationship with a man from Montreal Canada and a woman from San Diego California cannot possibly work, the distance too great, the challenges too overwhelming. Well, time and distance is NOT a factor in the KISS Nation. The words, “I see my future when I look in her eyes” could not be more true in this case. Now, 3 months later we met up in San Diego and our bond has become stronger. All that is left is a happy and fulfilling future together. This would not have happened were it not for our mutual love for KISS and their music, as well as Sixthman launching the first ever KISS Kruise. We encourage other people to go on KK2 this year. You may just find your soul mate onboard as we did. Thank you KISS and Sixthman for making our dreams come truly was our “DESTINY” Adri Becerra & Pasquale Vari
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