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My New KISS tattoo

Posted on 01/24/2012
Hi guys! I finally got my KISS tattoo. But let me tell you a little but about it. A few tours ago, as I was being re-reminded of how great you guys are, were and will always be at a show on Jones Beach, I glanced at the video screen behind the band. I noticed a spinning KISS logo that appeared to be metallic and had spikes jutting from all sides. Well, I immediately knew I wanted that version of the logo to be my tattoo. So, I began a web search for the image. Guess what? That image is nowhere to be found. I searched high and low. So, I waited for the next tour and tried to get some pictures of it. If you have ever looked at pictures of the video screen images, you will notice that the images are never clear. Additionally, the image is partially obscured my Eric’s drums, so I was out of luck…again. I searched the internet again, looking for anything that had this logo. Nothing, nowhere. I went to my next KISS concert. I used my camera to capture video of the logo, capturing all angles as it spun up there. The result, thanks to my tattoo artist Galo, came out better than I could have hoped! Thanks for all the years and for all still to come. And Gene, I never pirated or uploaded the video I filmed. ;) A marked fan for life, -bob
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