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Sophie's Place

Posted on 01/26/2012
Hi Guys, I am so happy for the "Sophie's Place" and the children who will be saved from abusers.I only hope that they will look in to the future of these children. The outcome and after affects of abuse. I am a survivor of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. I went through my life ( I am now 50 )not knowing anything about it. I started to come undone about 3yrs ago. It has been hard to accept that I ended up with Dissociative Identity Disorder. My brain had been injured due to the abuse. All the horrible pain and memories stayed locked in my mind. It does not matter that it was over 40 years ago. I have to tell my terrified young parts that it is not happening now even as I relive their pain. If I had a wish it would be no child would ever hurt again. For now, I wish people and professionals to understand the long term damage that can result, and why children won't tell on their abuser. Regards, Patricia Vaughan P.S. I am big fan since the 70's music helped my mind. I love your show, and your entire family! P.S.S. I do have a fantastic psychotherapist helping to integrate
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