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40 years

Posted on 01/28/2012
Hello, I just wanted to THANK you guys personally for making a somewhat boring life alot less boring for me! Really - I thank you. I come from a relatively small town where nothing rock really went on. But through TV, Records, magazines I found you guys back in the 70s and it's been loads of fun (whenever I need it) ever since. Just was watching the 2000 NJ show online digging the good audio..Let me go rock n roll...what a great good time tune...100,000 years..classic!! I know every single note of 'em. I remember going to the show here in Ft.Myers Fl. around that time..Gene shooting me the rock n roll sign and catching Ace's pick! OMG. Looking at it in my hand now..what a gift.Then it hit me again. At 43 years old I was sitting back tonight thinking you guys rocked when I was too young to rock or even knew what it was - and are still rocking..amazing and how is that possible! SO many years later. Just wow. cool. You've made so many people happy. Back in 1976 at 8 years old my friend brought over the KISS Alive double record and it's never been the same since..I took up guitar a short while later at the ripe old age of 10 started playing some power chords - inspired! Of course I never knew about Eb tuning, that made it extra hard as a beginner ! lol I still play what tunes I can ..each time I crank one up it takes me right back to 8 and then just further to a happy rock n roll place that would have never happened with out you. m/ KISS is why I played guitar for 33 years now! And it's been such a cool ride. I like many many bands but..Classic KISS is still my's what rock is all about. Circus, Hit Parader, 16 magazine (only for kiss) I got em all and each new issue ,,,door covered with KISS photos, I prayed 20/20 would end so I could watch KISS meets the phantom! course I had the 76 tour classic poster and the 4 love gun era ones as well. etc etc etc. PS Re-issue the 1975 "Giant" alive poster!! Was thee poster to have yah know. Mine got water damaged...whew I miss it. I was thinking,,why did I do all that starting at 8? I realized even way back then... You were regular guys with a huge dream and made yourself bigger than life chasing and doing it, and you did it excellent...didn't care what the naysayers said. GOOD. You made the impossible ..possible! Even at 8 I was like wow..chek out these dudes! What an inspriration...and the creativity was mind boggling...still is. All of the everything you've done. The nuances as well as the huge things. You did it well..and just kept on keeping on..all for Rock n Roll. I know you were rich eons ago and THANKS for not stopping there!! SO many would have. It was boring again here ,,tonight. Everyone's sleeping, the occasional sound of a truck going by.. too quiet as usual. But now thanks to the internet once again I've Rock n Roll'd all night...might be too tired to party all day though. Haha Guys, I sincerely hope after all the good and bad.. that you had as much fun doing it as I had watching it. Anytime I need to go back to funner times I only have to remember back,,it's all there and still as fresh as ever. Or open the middle of Alive II and look at the pic lol..Craziness. Anyways sorry to go on and on but Thank you... I can't imagine what would have happened if my pal never stopped by with that record. Life is nothing without creativity and good times. I had to say that I appreciate it...personally. You guys ROCK.
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