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R.I.P. Dad

Posted on 02/07/2012
R.I.P. Dad The KISS kommunity has just lost one of their biggest fans. My dad (Brad) had just passed away last week unexpectedly from natural causes. He was 52 years old. He turned me onto KISS at a young age and I got to happily go to my first KISS show in 1996 in Chicago which was part of their “Reunion Tour.” I also got to see their “Farewell Tour” in 2000 and two more shows since then. He stood in line for about a day back in 1976 for what was his first KISS show at the Chicago Stadium…he was front row. He was part of the KISS army and had a tattoo to prove it. A large portion of our dinnerware was KISS. DVD’s spanning nearly 40 years filled our cabinet where our TV was housed. A life-sized cutout stood near our pool table in our basement and later hung on our wall in our garage. He caught Peter Criss’ towel during one of his favorite song’s, “Beth.” And most of all, KISS was our common bond. It made him extremely happy, which made me happy. If he were ever angry, depressed, or thought that he had no one to confide in; he would turn to KISS. It helped him feel at ease with whatever was going on in his life. The music soothed him and the visual displays captivated his mind. I have dozens of pictures of him with KISS attire on, dressed up, of memorabilia but this particular one shows him with a genuine smile on his face not only showing his passion for KISS, but of life in general. If there are ever going to be KISS concerts in heaven, I’m sure he’s already standing in line. “I hear my song and it pulls me through…” -Detroit Rock City Love, Your son Clinton
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