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Fan For 34 yrs

Posted on 02/07/2012
I have been a super fan for over 34 yrs. When I was seven (7) yrs. old my father took a trip to Canada and asked my sisters and my self what albums we wanted. My two older sisters asked for the The Bay City Rollers and Shaw Cassidy, I asked for the latest KISS album. I have rekindled my Love for Kiss with the series Gene Simons “ Family Jewels” show (thanks Gene, Shannon, Nick, & Sophie). I loved all Five Seasons and hope to see a Live show in Oakland Ca. some day soon. I am a performers and producer of a Queer Verity Show where I am a show host and a drag king and I have you all to thank for being my mentors. Xoxo, Estela Furtado AKA Dicky Luv Of
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