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Thank you

Posted on 02/23/2012
Hi, my name is Duane from Mt.Pleasant Pa. I have so much I wanna tell you, ask and say to you. but to sum it up, I wanna say thank you for everything. When I was young, I came from a bad home life and school wasnt all that great either. I had the Alive 2 and Destroyer Lp's to keep me company and it was a break from reality. I always dreamed of seeing you guys in concert and meeting Gene and Paul. I did see Ace play out this way in 08, but never saw KISS. I am realistic and some dreams never come true especially when it comes to meeting yer idols. So I just wanna say thanks and I hope to see KISS in concert one day. Cheerz Duane A. Fuoss (Duane Damage)
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