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Posted on 02/26/2012
Here's a poem I wrote years ago about Gene. THE WARRIOR OF ROCK He roams the land to pillage and plunder, He goes by the name of God Of Thunder. He dresses for battle like the warriors of old, In rhyme and song his story is told. His stance and his stride tells of the power within, With a strum of his bass, the music begins. A mighty roar, and a burst of fire, He rocks the land, and takes you higher. With a spit of blood and a painted face. The moan and groan of his mighty bass. With a flick of his tongue, all the women swoon. And the thoughts of desire fills the room. His eyes are as dark as the blackest night. He sees through your soul, he knows your plight. He bumps and grinds to the beat of his song. And all the world stands inthronged. On wings of leather, he flies through the air, To stand above us, to marvel, to glare. So when you hear his song, you know the time is at hand. For the warrior of rock to rule the land! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT,,, ROCK ON GUYS!
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