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Posted on 03/01/2012
kiss ,hey wats up? 1st i like to say u guys kick major but.ive been a fan of kiss since i was 12 im 35 now and was born 1977 .my fav.member is paul stanley .but i love all the line ups and members.i just like paul stanleys attitude hes awsum ,my main 3 fav. groups is kiss ozzy ,and blacksabbath. but kiss is my all time fav.. my 1st lp was the 1st lp. and my have to say kiss alive and the 1st 1. my hole wall is kisstory lmao.i play drums to ,i have a simaler set to peter criss alive kit one day i will have piks .im new online .i wish i can talk to stanley for a day .my hole live has been kiss and music and jammin. and i was wonderin is there any place i can send kiss stuff to get em signed? that would be awsum. and when are u guys comin to ohio?well i guess ill let u guys go,or i wont stop w/ lol u guys take care and keep rockin heft1977
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