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A New Generation Continues...

Posted on 03/10/2012
Saturday night the family took a nice trip to the mall. shopping, rocking and a family meal just the way it should be. Thomas (soon-to-be- 3) has been a KISS fan nearly a year now, all on his own, shockingly without my influence. A great Father-Son bond of course. No matter where we go Thomas will find KISS, as we did today at Spencer's in the Monmouth Mall, so we decided to share his find (we'll spare Gene the shock of the price..along with the 75% off). A Destroyer Canvas art piece. We look forward to the new album and tour, just in time for Thomas' July birthday, so were ready to ROCK! One cool piece of info: Thomas knows Eric and Tommy as well...Were getting Eric's lava-lamp next, which he went nuts for yelling "Eric" the whole time. RockON! Joe and Thomas Penn
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