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Thanx to KISS 'N' CRÜE

Posted on 03/22/2012
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, Vince, Mick, Nikki & Tommy Lee, I love a lot of bands and Solo-Musicans....but the LOVE of my musiclife is KISS...thanx Paul & Gene that KISS goes on & on.....I have 5 other top Bands....2. AC/DC, 3. IRON MAIDEN, 4. Mtley Crüe, 5. W.A.S.P. & 6. Bon Jovi (but only from Debut 1984 till Cross Road....with starting of THIS DAYS they make just music for money & the f**k...)....this 6 Bands are for me even not to beat from the Beatles, Stones, Elvis and so band in my opinion beats You 6 great bands.....(all a matter of taste, I know, but I feel that way) to see You guys together, for me only on You Tube, I can not catch You in the States, is a DREAM COME TRUE.....thanx for You 8 Guys who Rocks my Life......KISS since December 1979 (first album DYNASTY) & Mtley Crüe since 1985 (first album THEATRE OF PAIN).....hope You can come to Europe too...because a great Combination like this is GREAT ! Greetings from Germany KISS & MÖTLEY 4EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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