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Posted on 03/23/2012
"BKA - BRAZILIAN KISS ARMY IN LATIN AMERICA'S GREATEST ROCK EXHIBIT" BKA Brazilian Kiss Army will be the only KISS fan club to exclusively participate in this exhibit through our beloved Kiss fan and collector Ricardo Lopes! KISS, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden, Os Mutantes, Roberto Carlos and all Rock and Roll sacred monsters. In this month of April the city of São Paulo will be gifted with Latin America´s largest Rock and Roll exhibit! With photos, albums, musical instruments, and costumes on display, besides pocket shows and workshops, "LET´S ROCK" is here to pay tribute to the greatest icons in the history of Rock and Roll. The exhibit, which will partner with collectors and memorabilia museums, such as the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, stays on Brazilian soil from April 4th to May 27th at Oca, Ibirapuera Park. And as expected Brazilian Kiss Army (BKA) will be present displaying a mind-boggling collection of rare items, such as Golden Records, the famous "axe-bass" autographed by Gene Simmons, books, toys and a whole series of invaluable treasures! BRAZILIAN KISS ARMY - BKA - SÃO PAULO - BRAZIL!!
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