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my first tattoo, and the quest to be a rockstar

Posted on 04/03/2012
hi my name is matt 21 from daventry uk. i recently after many years of debating weather to get one finally got my first tattoo. i am a singer/songwriter/musician myslef and got signed up to a label when i was 17. unfortunatly things didn't go to plan and i am now working my way back up to where i feel i belong in life, the top. if it wasn't for the inspiration of your music and drive to be the best then i would still be sat in my room hating the world and music especially. i am now doing a solo covers act until my own music pays again (in fact i cover god gave rock n roll to you and rock n roll all nite). i love nothing more than to put on a show and entertain people again something i admire from you guys as nobady on this planet does it better than kiss. so after all that has happened recently i decided that i would get the starchild tattoo as my first one as pauls voice is one that can't be reproduced and can't be beaten. it also symbolises hope for the future for me and that if i continue to push one day my goals and aspirations in life will come true. a tattoo is for life and i will always have this and i am proud that it is of one of the greatest bands of all time. you can see my tattoo on facebook as the image is too big for all the best matti fantasi
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