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Just showin' some love and a deep thank you

Posted on 04/03/2012
Hello KISS! I just want to say I freaking love you, guys. I will be spending August 31st, at Riverbend music center in Cincinnati, Ohio with you guys. Gene and Paul, I love you both so much. Eric and Tommy, you two also get much love. Gene and Paul, thank you so much for to do what you do through all the good and bad times. I have been in love since I was 8. My first concert, I was 14 & it was and still is the best show I have been to. Even though I was in the rain out on the lawn. I will have the same seat this year & I still couldn't be happier. By then, I will have my very own KISS tattoo that will be combined with another touch that will represent the other love of my life. My grandma, who I lost last August 16th to leukemia. (R.I.P) I know people are going to ask questions. And here's my answer...her love is undying and will always be there...just as KISS has and always will be what I turn to to fill any emptiness and to make me smile. I love you 4. I may not have every poster, I may not have every album, I may not have 8 KISS tattoos, I haven't been a member of the KISS army since I was 6 months old...but the music is in my blood. My KISS box set, dvds and every album I do have...I cherish. Once again I love you and I can't wait to see you August 31st in the Queen City. You keep me comin' back for more!!!
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