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4 yr old son LOVES KISS

Posted on 04/05/2012
My 4 year old son Dillon is absolutely obsessed with KISS, in fact whenever we walk into a store he makes it a point to walk up to strangers and let them know, "I'm obsessed with KISS." ALL day long he sings all the songs, while playing his guitar or playing his drums, each day he pretends he is someone different from the band. He makes me play all the KISS songs on guitar hero so he can pretend he is in concert. He dances like Paul Stanley by shaking his bum. He will hand out fake tickets to my husband and I and ask us to come to his concert where his set list always consists of his 5 favorite songs: Shout it Loud God of Thunder Calling Dr. Love Beth Deuce Anything he sees that is black and white the first thing that comes to mind is KISS. It drives us crazy!!! So when I seen KISS was coming to Darien Center in NY I just had to find a way to get tickets. I just hope he will get a chance to actually see them on stage!!! Last night when he went to bed I surprised him by making KISS easter eggs!!! He couldnt stop laughing he thought it was the greatest thing!!!
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