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Posted on 04/20/2012
HOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLYYYYY CCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! GUYS: I have been saving since March 15, 2010 and I earn six dollars a week just for putting up the dishes, and I saved all $1,250.00 for your sound check meet and greet PACKAGE. Carter was gracious enough to arrange to order my mom a second ticket to be with me on the floor for $201.00 total in TULSA'S BOK CENTER!!!! IT'S OFFICIAL AND WE ARE COMING TO THE SHOW, AND I WILL BE IN THE FRONT ROW. SHOUT OUT TO PAUL, I WILL BE BRINGING THE KIND OF EAR PIECES YOU LISTEN TO YOUR MP-3 PLAYER WITH, BUT IT'S JUST FOR THE PYROTECHNICS, YOU KNOW WHY???? BECAUSE I COULD MISS OUT ON THE FUN AND FALL ASLEEP IF I HAVE IT ON, AND THAT'S NOT THE WAY I WANNA REMEMBER MY FIRST KISS CONCERT EVER, I WANNA ROCK 'N' ROLL ALL NITE AND PARTY EVERY DAY WITH THE REST OF THE CROWD AND MY MOM TOO. LOL. UNDERSTAND NOW???? Thanks a lot and we will see you August 26th in the BOK CENTER AT TULSA!!!! ROCK On, Rachel
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