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Posted on 04/20/2012
I am an English KISS fan. I have been since I first heard Alive II. I have listened to KISS nearly every day since then. Recently I put a "best of" on a usb stick to play in my car, over 180 tracks so a cd wouldn't do lol. But apart from omitting "the love theme" from the KISS album, only "Creatures" made my compilation without ANY tracks removed. But I think Sonic Boom is as near to a perfect KISS album as you can get. But I think Love Gun is level top with Sonic Boom as I prefer his production to Bob Ezrin's although I do like Destroyer and I am glad that the album allowed the band to spread it's wings a bit. I believe Eddie Kramer could have produced the first KISS album can you imagine how that would have sounded!! Please let me know what albums you would have on your collections with NO songs removed on your playlist
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