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My meeting and Ace Frehley tattoo!!!

Posted on 04/21/2012
Dear KISS, My name is Clay Shiner and I am a lifelong member of the KISS Army! Im now 29yrs old, and since I was a little kid my family and I have always bonded over KISS! After buying every album and t-shirt and never missing a show in Nashville since 1994 I finally got to live out a lifelong dream. I got to meet original lead guitarist, Ace Frehley. he was very nice and took the time to talk, hug, shake hands and take pics with my mother and I at the Nashville Full Moon and Horror Fest 2012. He graciously signed my leg afterwards and I rushed to get it inked in! I hope you like it! I hope to add all of your signatures to it someday! I cant wait to see you and Motley Crue in Nashville in September! Thank you for all the years of memories, closeness, and music! To quote Paul,"When you join this army, you don't take the uniform off. Your in it til you die." Thank you, Clay Shiner
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